The Replica Rolex Pepsi with History of 60 Years

Traveling with 4 designs of the renowned Rolex GMT-Master “Pepsi”.

GMT-Master ref. 16750.

Introduced in 1959, the Rolex GMT-Master 1675 was the 2nd design of the collection. Created from 1959 till 1980, the GMT-Master 1675 was one of the lengthiest running recommendations in Rolex’s directory. Generated throughout the pre-sapphire crystal age, acrylic crystal safeguards the GMT-Master 1675.

GMT-Master ref. 1675.

One of the most legendary fake wrist watches amongst the Rolex line-up, the GMT-Master has actually taken pleasure in over 60 years of background because its creation in 1955. Called the “Pepsi”, the red and also blue bezel has actually enhanced a number of GMT-Master as well as GMT-Master II designs over the years.

Released in 1981, the GMT-Master 16750 changed the ref. 1675 was the Fake Rolex Quality 3075 with the quickset function to the day feature. Flashy, yet classy, this specific GMT-Master ref.

GMT-Master II ref. 16710.

16710 is the 2nd version of the GMT-Master II collection. The GMT-Master II 16710 had a slimmer style over the older ref. Over its nearly twenty-year run, the GMT-Master II 16710 went through a number of alterations and also this specific one days back to 1990.

Introduced in 2014, the GMT-Master II 116719 is the most current Pepsi Rolex offered today. Made in 18k white gold instead compared to stainless steel, the GMT-Master II 116719 is extremely elegant. Owning the GMT-Master II 116719 is the brand-new Rolex Quality 3186 with a blue Parachrom hairspring that could much better stand up to temperature level variants as well as greater magnetic areas.

GMT-Master II ref. 116719 BLRO.

Initially birthed as a required device look for business pilots to monitor 2 time areas concurrently, the GMT-Master and also replica GMT-Master II watches have actually remained to be essential deluxe pilot’s watches 6 years later on. Readily available with various other kinds of bezels, the red as well as blue Pepsi is the traditional selection that will certainly for life sustain as a Rolex symbol.


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