Baselworld Preview: Louis Vuitton Tambour watch

To “travel between the minutes and seconds” as defined in the Louis Vuitton Tambour watch collection at BASELWORLD 2012, the Louis Vuitton once again presented by the Swiss watch Mania carefully crafted new Tambour Capsule Voyage series.This series contains two Volez Voyagez and watches, will be useful travel features and cultural connotation into one.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Capsule Voyage series Voyagez Tachometer speed automatic chronograph stopwatch

Engraved in a small seconds dial Louis Vuitton brand identification letter “V”, two dots and a clever fusion of disaggregated so, such as oncoming cars, turned into a Louis Vuitton Tambour Capsule Voyage series Voyagez Tachometer automatic timing sign speed stopwatch; 6:00 and a half arc triple calendar window, with the same 12-bit half-arc engraved “LOUIS VUITTON” brand identity echoes, so watch the details more carefully shaped highlights integrity.

Dial design inspired by this automatic chronograph also comes from the old car’s dashboard, creating a strong dynamic cool retro atmosphere of the industrial age.Warm gray dial tone jump wiping with a few bright red, emphasizing the overall design, but also makes the scale value more clearly visible.

Voyagez Tachometer speed automatic chronograph dial code table to nine points between 3:00 bit small dial sequentially arranged three connected.9 o’clock position is 24 hours day and night display small dial, important functions indispensable for the travelers, clever use of alternating black and white color day and night outline sketched out, it is clear at a glance; centrally located in the small seconds dial “30” and ” 60 “scale adopted at the special red digital identities to enhance ease of reading time; 3:00 cumulative timer dial can measure its curved outer chief timekeeper within 30 minutes by a white mark, and the measurement results are immediately visible ; and when the white pointer come to an end (ie, white scale “30” office), the inner red scale can continue counting measurements within 30-60 minutes long, and the red pointer presents the measurement results.Both measure the total length of time up to 60 minutes, enough to easily cope with all the travel required timing.
As a road trip to the theme of the High quality watch, dial Voyagez Tachometer speed automatic chronograph stopwatch utility also has an outer ring of the speedometer features that help the wearer while traveling precise estimates of average vehicle speed.Its mode of operation is simple: Press the 2 o’clock button chronograph, central chronograph watch second hand begins to run; when traveling to one kilometer when the button is pressed again, the time the second hand will stop.Red scale value at which time the freeze on the dial, the wearer is currently with an average speed of one kilometer.

Voyagez Tachometer speed automatic chronograph stopwatch mounted LV172 automatic winding movement by Dubois-Dépraz Workshop carefully crafted in Switzerland, power reserve up to 42 hours.By a solid steel 44mm case showing traveler masculine courage, narrow timing button can provide a reliable guarantee for each control convenience and precision.Sunken table while wearing ear design is more fit the wrist, coating the carbon fiber woven strap no fear from any bad weather and harsh environment test, and the time passes with unlimited trips solicitation.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Capsule Voyage series Volez “Fly Back” Automatic Chronograph Flyback chronograph

In the letter “V” just like the wings on both sides plus the horizontal line, Louis Vuitton Tambour Capsule Voyage series Volez “Fly Back” Automatic Chronograph Flyback chronograph will then become the incarnation of the aircraft.And this is also a sign that the watch is different from the one of the same series of individual elements Voyagez Tachometer speed automatic timing code table.

Volez “Fly Back” Automatic Chronograph Flyback chronograph dial with clever entire design with “V” word airplane logo, reminiscent of the roaring aircraft maneuvering on the runway from the time.It was given two kinds of shades of gray on the dial tones, inspired by Louis Vuitton luggage stitching yellow line which runs through the dynamic and stylish design is both visual swap, is the brand culture clever and harmonious blend.Aviation instrumentation inspired two small-time hublot replica cheap breakdown at 9 points and 3 points, rivets makes it unique mosaic effect, such as precision welding of aircraft fuselage as flawless.

Volez “Fly Back” Automatic Chronograph Flyback chronograph, the dial edge of the yellow scale for use with this code table hosted by “returning to the timing” feature, it was one of the important functions of air travel necessary.Before the arrival of the electronic age, almost all of the pilots who have adopted this approach to fast timing: After starting the chronograph, flyback function only need to press the crown, all will be able to instantly chronograph hand to zero, and then the next a timekeeping to save repeated operation of the conventional timing.This function even when the watch is timing, can be arbitrary use.

Volez “Fly Back” Automatic Chronograph Flyback chronograph equipped LV137 automatic chronograph movement, carefully manufactured by the Swiss-Dubois-Dépraz Workshop, its power reserve of up to 42 hours.3:00 bit small seconds dial, chronograph 9:00 bit small dial chronograph to 30 minutes can be accumulated, the date is displayed as the 6 o’clock position on the aircraft porthole-like, showing details elegant taste.Fine diameter of just 44mm case full of masculine, side of the case engraved with the 12 English letters of Louis Vuitton brand, with exquisite alligator strap and dial engraved with exactly the same “V” word airplane logo, the design not only highlights the wearer’s adventurous temperament and personality, but also with the cultural connotation of the series of the heritage of great accuracy.

Voyagez “Tachometer” automatic timing speed function stopwatch (gray dial), while a luxurious rose gold case to choose from, along with Volez “Fly Back” automatic chronograph flyback function stopwatch, three masterpieces are limited edition.Wherein Voyagez “Tachometer” automatic timing speed function code table, will be Louis Vuitton classic brown dial style as its permanent product average speed.


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